Field Education and Research Center

Faculty of Bioresource Sciences,

Akita Prefectural University


This center offers practical courses to students in agriculture and biological sciences. With the aim of providing useful and practical information, research in biological sciences, as well as open house for adult further education and extension, which includes practical agricultural courses, are carried out.

1. Courses

    The Faculty of Bioresource Sciences offers courses such as “Project Education”, promoted by the Department of Agribusiness, which combines the fields of production technology, distribution and processing technology, business management, and environmental management technology, with a practical input. We offer classes such as Seminars in agriculture, Bioresource sciences for agricultural production and Introduction to field agricultural sciences.


2. Research curriculum

     Practical courses encompass large-scale agricultural production, health and safety and welfare issues, and responsibly managed and environmentally aware farming, to include: (1) development of labor-saving and highly productive culture technology in rice production; (2) development of weeder with regard to organic farming in rice production; (3) introduction of new cultivars and establishment of cropping system in caneberry production; (4) reducing costs and quality improvement of agricultural and livestock products by resource circulation agriculture.


3. Community service

    We are involved in the following projects: (1) practical study to create a major production area for caneberry in cooperation with Gojome Town; and (2) the production of ingredients for local beer and Japanese sake.

Land usage

Total field area 164 ha (rice paddy fields, 25 ha; arable, 44 ha; orchard, 6 ha; pasture, 87 ha—supporting 50 beef cattle); services—roads and channel, 26 ha.


Four academic staff, 21 technical staff and 1 secretary


- Dean / Professor  Dr. Hiroshi TSUYUZAKI (Plant Science, and Weed Science)

- Associate Professor Dr. Yoshio HAMANO (Animal Nutrition and Management)

- Associate Professor Dr. Hiroyuki IMANISHI (Horticulture)

- Associate Professor Dr. Kentaro YASUDA (Plant Science, and Weed Science)

- Professor  Dr. Yukio YAJI (Agricultural Machinery)



- Agriculture

Rice paddy fields, 25 ha (student participation, non-plow, investigations on gathering of rice straw for bioethanol production, collaborative study on scattering of rice pollen, and others). Arable land, 30 ha (land for student participation, 10 ha; FERCrotation of soybean, barley, and rapeseed).


- Horticulture

Vegetables, 3 ha (student participation; cabbage; spring onion; yam; squash). Fruit trees, 3 ha (student participation; apple; FERC; caneberry; grape, etc.). Floriculture (four glass greenhouses 220 m2, six plastic greenhouses; pot flowers, cut flowers, Ornithogalum, etc.)


- Animal Production

Beef cattle (breeding, rearing, housing, husbandry): pasture, 5 ha; grass, 17 ha; forage crops, 5 ha; pasture-roll and

cutting-roll bale systems; self-sufficiency in corn production)



Maintenance of agricultural machinery (16 tractors, 70 agricultural machines, dryer, refrigerator, greenhouse); technical support.


Community services

Open house for education at elementary school; seminars in agricultural experience; workshops as requested by the public.


Field Education and Research Center,

Akita Prefectural University

Ohgata, Akita 010-0451, JAPAN

Fax: +81 185 45 2415


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