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University Ethos
・Developing a new generation of leaders for the 21st Century
・Contributing, as an open university,to the continued development of Akita Prefect

University Goals
Our aim is to develop individuals who have the potential to respond to the new challenges of an ever-changing world and who also have the capacity for self-improvement.
To be in the forefront of science and technology, in this age of accelerating scientific and technological innovations, not only requires knowledge and skills in distinct specialized fields, but also the need to pursue truth from a broad perspective and to develop the ability to discover and solve problems for oneself.
We, at Akita Prefectural University, are therefore committed to educating and nurturing researchers and engineers who have both problem-discovering and problem-solving capabilities so that they can respond to the evolving scientific and technological needs of the future.
To ensure that students can rise to these challenges, and thereby improve their own abilities, our education system places priority on developing the students’ capacities to process information, to learn foreign languages and acquire self-expression skills which, together with other basic skills, will allow them to develop a culture of learning and so help them become independent-minded members of society.


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