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Greeting from the presidents

Akita Prefectural University was inaugurated in 1999 with the philosophy of“Developing a new generation of leaders for the 21st Century”and“Contributing, as an open university, to the continued development of Akita Prefecture.”We continue to follow this philosophy as we celebrate our fourteenth year.
Akita Prefectural University is a university of science and technology which consists of two faculties: Systems Science and Technology, and Bioresource Sciences. Akita Prefectural University ever since its founding places a high priority on education by utilizing intensive small group instruction. This nationally top rank pedagogy leads the way in human resource development and provides uniquely specialized individuals in the fields of engineering and agriculture, specialized fields indispensable for realizing a sustainable society. Educational emphasis is on achieving the ability to identify and to solve their own problems. An example is a “Student Independent Research Program” which targets first and second year students, allowing them a chance to select a research theme on their own, organize the group, then design and conduct the research. The University provides all the necessary aspects, including not just research space, equipment, and funds but also exceptional supervisor advice in which to bolster student research. Yet, the main emphasis is on maximizing student potential. Akita Prefectural University has produced over three thousand graduates with near 100% employment rate. Our graduates are active and contribute in the community in various important roles. We request your continued support and cooperation for Akita Prefectural University.

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